6 Mistakes Growth Candidates Make in the Interview Process —

You walk into your growth interview after hours of preparation. You’ve perfected your 2 minute pitch, polished your work stories, and maybe even done some case prep. You’re ready to showcase your achievements and you have an answer ready for any question they throw at you. But there’s one big problem you’ve overlooked – the interview isn’t actually about you. Most candidates approach the interview process as a way to showcase themselves and their accomplishments. But, the best growth candidates orient the process around the company and its strategy. After years of interviewing hundreds of people applying for various growth roles, I’ve seen candidates make the same 6 mistakes over and over again. They all tie back to this one core error – thinking the interview is about you. In this post, I’ll outline the six most common ways those mistakes play out – and look at the mental models that can help you avoid falling into the most common trap that trips up even the strongest growth candidates. Get the customizable Growth Interview Prep Worksheet that accompanies the post here.

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