Synergy: What companies look for when buying a business?

Buying a business is one of the best strategies for growth and expansion. Companies looking to acquire an established small business typically target enterprises that are generating a regular profit. Given the COVID-19 situation, you would also want to look for resilience and sustainability, and the ability to continue to operate in adverse economic and… Continue reading Synergy: What companies look for when buying a business?

What’s the Right Balance for Your Business?

Striking the right balance between SEM, SEO, and PPC for your business can be difficult — especially with limited budgets, limited capabilities, and limited expertise. We’ll help you find the right mix for your own small business. Read the full article

5G’s impact on Global GDP over $7

Huawei recently held its 5G+, Better World Summit, where various operators and industry partners shared their experiences of how 5G applications can drive significant business and industry efficiency. Read the full article

MKO music journey started at the age of 12 in Church, a place called Suru Lere Lagos Nigeria. A few years down the line Read the full article